Would you buy a refurbished iPhone XR for $499?

In case you are looking to replace your old iPhone (or other older smartphone), but you cannot afford the latest flagships, Apple came with a solution. You can buy directly from Apple a refurbished iPhone XR. The refurbished phone comes with a new battery and with a replaced outer shell. It is impossible to distinguish between a refurbished and a brand new iPhone.

Apple guarantees a fully functional device that’s had any repairs done using official replacement parts and has been well cleaned. You’ll also receive the phone in a new box with new accessories. You will have a 1-year warranty that can be extended with AppleCare+.

Refurbished iPhone XR vs iPhone SE 2020

source: apple.com

As the iPhone SE2 was launched this year at a starting price of $399, it is pretty hard to believe that there will be Apple fans who will pay $499 for an older device. Although the iPhone SE 2 is new, launched in 2020, there might be fans that prefer the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone SE 2020.

In addition to the 64GB and 128GB capacities matching current brand-new ‌iPhone XR‌ models, refurbished iPhone XR models are available with 256GB of storage.
The 256GB version is available, although currently only in black color.

At the launch in 2018, the ‌iPhone XR‌ was originally offered in all three capacities. When the ‌iPhone XR‌ moved down the lineup as a lower-priced option in September 2019, the 256GB models were discontinued.

  • 64GB: $499, reduced from the current $599 price and $749 at the launch price
  • 128GB: $539, reduced from the current $649 price and $799 at the launch price
  • 256GB: $629, reduced from the current $749 price and $899 at the launch price

All current refurbished ‌iPhone XR‌ models come carrier unlocked and without a SIM. This is an advantage as they can be activated with any carrier you choose.

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Featured image credits: apple.com

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