iPhone SE vs iPhone 8 – direct comparison

iPhone SE 2020

Although Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 this year, there are retailers that are still selling the iPhone 8 despite Apple discontinuing the device that is 3 years old already. Our advice is to go for the iPhone SE instead of the iPhone 8. Read more below for a technical comparison review between iPhone SE … Read more

iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 11 Red

Apple launched its cheapest smartphone, the new iPhone SE 2020 version. The iPhone SE 2 is around $300 cheaper than the baseline model iPhone 11. Read next to see which one suits better for you, if it worth spending $300 more or you may go for iPhone SE 2. Apple launched the new iPhone SE … Read more

Would you buy a refurbished iPhone XR for $499?

Refurbished iPhone XR

In case you are looking to replace your old iPhone (or other older smartphone), but you cannot afford the latest flagships, Apple came with a solution. You can buy directly from Apple a refurbished iPhone XR. The refurbished phone comes with a new battery and with a replaced outer shell. It is impossible to distinguish … Read more

iPhone Trade-In price cut. iPhone 12 could cost you more now!

Apple cut trade-in prices

Apple just made a quiet move by cutting the prices in the Trade-In program. This means that if you plan to trade-in your older Apple device, now you will a smaller price which can be used to purchase the new iPhone 12. For millions of Apple users, the upgrade to the new iPhone 12 or … Read more