iPhone SE vs iPhone 8 – direct comparison

iPhone SE 2020

Although Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 this year, there are retailers that are still selling the iPhone 8 despite Apple discontinuing the device that is 3 years old already. Our advice is to go for the iPhone SE instead of the iPhone 8. Read more below for a technical comparison review between iPhone SE … Read more

iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 11 Red

Apple launched its cheapest smartphone, the new iPhone SE 2020 version. The iPhone SE 2 is around $300 cheaper than the baseline model iPhone 11. Read next to see which one suits better for you, if it worth spending $300 more or you may go for iPhone SE 2. Apple launched the new iPhone SE … Read more

iPhone SE 2020 impressive CPU score

iPhone SE 2 2020 white

Apple use on the iPhone SE 2020 the same CPU used on iPhone 11 Pro series, the A13 Bionic CPU, a smarter and faster chipset. The same A13 Bionic CPU may be used on the new iPhone SE Plus. We’ve performed an AnTuTu test and iPhone 11 Pro Max scores a total of 537154 points. … Read more

iPhone SE 2020 – the new Apple iPhone SE 2 has been launched

iPhone SE 2020 SE2

iPhone SE 2020 is the latest smartphone launched by Apple and the most affordable iPhone since the 2016 model iPhone SE. Apple has announced on the official website and it will be available for preorders beginning Friday, April 17 2020 starting at $399 (US). We already anticipated the review of the iPhone SE2 release date … Read more

iPhone SE2, iPhone SE 2020 release date, news, leaks, and technical details

iPhone SE2, iPhone SE2 launch date, iPhone SE2 release date, iPhone 9, New iPhone, iPhone 2020
iPhone 5SE

The new iPhone SE2 launch date is 15 April, and the device is available in stores starting with 22 April, according to credible sources and the same sources rumors that it may come in multiple variants, iPhone SE 2, iPhone SE 2020 Plus.iPhone SE, launched in 2016 was a budget phone from Apple, and rumors … Read more