iPhone SE vs iPhone 8 – direct comparison

iPhone SE 2020

Although Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 this year, there are retailers that are still selling the iPhone 8 despite Apple discontinuing the device that is 3 years old already. Our advice is to go for the iPhone SE instead of the iPhone 8. Read more below for a technical comparison review between iPhone SE … Read more

iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 11 Red

Apple launched its cheapest smartphone, the new iPhone SE 2020 version. The iPhone SE 2 is around $300 cheaper than the baseline model iPhone 11. Read next to see which one suits better for you, if it worth spending $300 more or you may go for iPhone SE 2. Apple launched the new iPhone SE … Read more

Samsung researching the 6G technology

Samsung launches 6G

The 5G networks are not yet fully implemented worldwide. Samsung made some important steps in moving forward to 6G technology, although it is expected to be commercialized starting from 2028. We could have access to 6G tech starting with 2030. Samsung named it the Next Generation of Communications Technology. The company released a white paper … Read more

Apple pays Samsung almost $950 Million

Apple pays Samsung fine

In the Q2 2020 (second quarter) Apple paid Samsung almost $950 million for not meeting the goals. Apple contracted OLED panel purchase and the goal established between the two companies was not meet as Apple purchased fewer OLED smartphone panels than required. The Q2 payment follows the same pattern from the same quarter last year … Read more

iPhone 12 will have 120Hz ProMotion?

Apple iPhone 12

Apple will launch in September the iPhone 12 series. We’ve covered all design and technical details here on our comprehensive article. Every year, before the official announcement, the attention is focused on every step. Credible sources informed us that we may not see on the new iPhone 12 the most expected feature, a 120Hz refresh … Read more

iPhone Trade-In price cut. iPhone 12 could cost you more now!

Apple cut trade-in prices

Apple just made a quiet move by cutting the prices in the Trade-In program. This means that if you plan to trade-in your older Apple device, now you will a smaller price which can be used to purchase the new iPhone 12. For millions of Apple users, the upgrade to the new iPhone 12 or … Read more

Touch ID on the new iPhone 12?

Apple Touch ID

With the launch of the new iPhone 12, the rumors are coming every day. We know already that the new iPhone 12 will have a smaller notch but we are wondering if we may see the old authentication method, Touch ID on the new iPhone 12. There are predictions saying that at least a version … Read more

Apple iPhone 12 design rumors

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Apple launches its new iPhone in September, every year. 2020 may be an atypical year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we may see a delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Apple iPhone 12 model numbers Our sources point that the iPhone 12 series will be validated by the … Read more

Apple and Google partnership – COVID-19 Exposure Notification API

Apple and Google fight together against COVID-19

The rivals Apple and Google are fighting together during the COVID-19 Pandemic, to create the exposure notification system. Since the COVID-19 may be transmitted through close proximity, the contact tracing may be an effective tool to identify individuals that may be at risk. The Apple and Google partnership could be lifesaving. It is amazing to … Read more