Samsung without a charger in 2021

After rumors about Apple’s decision to not add a charger in the iPhone 12 box, the rival Samsung is considering doing the same for some models in 2021.

A Korean news website ETNews reports (Korean, translated), manufacturing insiders have declared that “Samsung Electronics is discussing how to remove the charger from smartphone components with related companies.”
It’s unclear exactly when the no-charger policy would be implemented. We don’t know also how many devices are affected by this no-charger policy.

Cost reduction

The charger is a component that was provided as a standard when buying a smartphone. The charger is included with the smartphone by default because the battery must be charged to continue using the smartphone.

Chargers are not expensive components such as displays, or internal semiconductors. The competition mainly focuses on prices, as the smartphone market has become saturated. It is something normal that manufacturers searching for ways to reduce costs and secure profitability.

This Samsung Electronics policy will also affect related industries. Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of more than 400 million smartphones annually. If Samsung Electronics reduces the purchase of chargers, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the companies that supplied them. Charger companies will have to find new sources of clients or jump into direct marketing to consumers. Currently, there are three domestic companies that supply chargers to Samsung Electronics.

Excluding chargers, Samsung Electronics, as well as the global smartphone industry, is a hot topic. British investment bank Barclays predicted that Apple would not offer wired earphones (Earpods) and chargers for the new iPhone 12. Apple is always looking for cost reduction. 

We are sure that we will not see any drastic move either by Apple or Samsung. They are looking forward to feedback from users and potential clients. They might be losing more money if there is negative feedback regarding the charger removal from the box.

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