Samsung will launch three new Galaxy series flagships in 2020

Samsung Electronics was directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The giant electronic company is planning to launch three new smartphones in 2020.

With the smartphone market starting to show signs of recovery, it is expected that Samsung will try to grab opportunities by launching top flagships.

Our sources informed that Samsung is planning to launch starting from August, every month until October. The first flagship expected is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, followed by Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. There could be also a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. We expect to be a low-cost version (economic version) of the S20 series.

Technical details

For the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and the Fold 2 smartphone we’ve covered all technical details here.

Galaxy Fold 2 will have a bigger display than its predecessor and will have the well known foldable glass.

Rumors says that Samsung will launch also a 5G edition of the Galaxy Z Flip. Z Flip was launched earlier this year.

Smartphone market highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

It is pretty atypical for Samsung to launch so many devices in a short time span. With the economy being affected directly by the pandemic COVID-19, they will try to stay on top of the recovery wave.

Reports say that the S20 series recorded the lowest sales out of the Galaxy S series. We’ve explained every aspect here with the low sales report. That’s why they lowered the prices trying to draw attention to their devices. S20 series was good enough but the sales are directly affected by the global pandemic situation.

There are positive signs of recovery, the worldwide shipments in May were 81.6 million units, it is 18.3% higher than the sales from April (around 69 million). in April was the lowest point.

Samsung will launch this year the new Galaxy Buds and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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