Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra revealed! Amazing!

The giant tech, Samsung, will launch soon the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Since there is a lot of buzz about the new flagship, everyone is interested to see how the new device will be.

Thanks to Max Weiback who spotted the accidental exposure of the new Note 20 Ultra, we can see how the new Note 20 will look like. We’ve covered all Galaxy Note 20 details here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design

Samsung Russia accidentally posted the new flagship images in the “Mystic Bronze” color.
The initial image was added to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 product page but removed later. You can still see the mislabeled image here. Samsung Russia has removed the images from the Note 8 product page, however, we can still see them thanks to here. We are impressed by how beautiful will be the new Note 20 Ultra.

What we can see in the leaked pictures is an excellent flagship with an amazing camera setup on the back.

As expected, there is a huge upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Samsung removed the 100x optical branding which is a great step. The phone looks more classy now and is a huge step forward. There is a dedicated focus sensor on the new Note 20 Ultra. With this sensor, Samsung fixed the well-known issues focus problems from the Galaxy S20 Ultra edition.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra technical details

The new Note 20 Ultra will come with an upgraded RAM, larger battery and considerably faster storage.

The display on the new Note 20 Ultra will come with a 120Hz refresh rate. The display will be the new enhanced OLED display. The new display is well known to be less hungry in the matter of power consumption. Samsung promises lower power consumption and reduced blue light.
It will support 45W charging and the latest generation biometric security.

As per our sources, the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have 16GB LPDDR5 RAM. It will have up to 512GB internal storage.

For connectivity we are sure that all Note 20 line will come with 5G modem as standard.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra prices

We expect that Samsung will launch its flagship Note 20 Ultra at a much better price than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Although the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will follow the Samsung Galaxy S20 model, there are many improvements. The main improvement will be the display, standard 120Hz which will be less power consumer. The camera setup is upgraded and all bugs from the older generation are fixed and the S Pen upgrade from the Note 10 model.

If you are not decided to get the new Note 20, you may wait for this launch as the prices for the previous generation are expected to go down. We’ve announced that due to low sales, the S20 model got a good discount. Read here more details about the Galaxy S20 price cut.

With the rumors regarding iPhone 12 launch (you can read more about iPhone 12 here), the 2020 autumn announces an interesting battle between Apple with its iPhone 12 and Samsung with its new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series.

Edit 07/19

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 certification in Thailand

The new flagship that will be launched at the next Galaxy Unpacked, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, has received certification with Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series will have two model numbers (according to the certification received in Thailand), SM-N980F for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and SM-N985F for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Both Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra seems to carry a 4G modem.

We will find out more when the Note 20 series will be released, at the Galaxy Unpacked event on 5th August. At the Unpacked 2020, Samsung will also launch the new Galaxy Watch, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Buds Live. We will see also the new Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+.

Edit 07/22

As we are approaching the Samsung event, the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 there is more and more news regarding the new Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra.

The new S Pen was upgraded for a more writing on paper feeling with only nine milliseconds response delay.

There is the upgraded 108 megapixel camera with laser auto focus and 5X optical zoom. 
The display will be the 120Hz refresh rate display, which adjusts automatically, depending on what you are doing on your phone, whether you are playing or working. In addition, Samsung expressly advertises the productive use via Wireless-DeX, the desktop environment to be output wirelessly directly to an external display for an improved usability.

Galaxy Note 20 – 6.9-inches display with Gorilla Glass 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have a full 6.9-inches dynamic OLED display that is rounded off on the sides. Samsung is marketing this as an edge screen. The panel offers 3200×1440 pixels and achieves a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz through dynamic control. The screen is in 19.3:9 format with 508 pixels per inch. 

A special feature is that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra should be the first smartphone with the new Corning Gorilla Glass 7. This ensures a better response to scratches.

New 108 megapixel sensor for the main camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera
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Samsung put on the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra an improved 108-megapixel sensor that has a maximum f/1.8 aperture and works with 0.8-micron sensor pixels. 
The new camera integrates a laser-based autofocus system for a faster and better focus.

The camera bumper is pretty large but it needs to house the new sensor so it is acceptable.

Note 20 Ultra camera bumper
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Featured image credits: and Max Weinbach

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