Samsung Galaxy Buds leaked

Samsung will host on 5th August its Galaxy Unpacked when will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, named unofficially Samsung Beans.

The Galaxy Buds will have Active noise cancellation (ANC) being their first earphones with this technology. Samsung is trying to compete with the AirPods Pro which also has active noise canceling.

Galaxy Buds design

The new Galaxy Buds will come in three colors: black, white and the “Mystic Bronze” to match the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Flip.

The video ends saying that “Keep the noise out. Let the sound in.” This highly suggests that the new Buds will have active noise canceling.

Galaxy Buds Live vs AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro comes with active noise canceling, that adjusts the surrounding sound to lower the ambient noise. It is expected that Samsung will want to compete with Apple since there is a highly competitive market, the earphones market.

As for the price we expect that the new Galaxy Buds to be around $130 while the Galaxy Buds Live (Galaxy Beans) costs around $140. Samsung tried to keep the price lower than Apple which retails for $150.

Update 07/25 – Galaxy Buds app available in store

Samsung posted on Google Play Store app which confirms the name and also the noise cancelling support.

Galaxy Buds Live - Beans

The Galaxy Buds Live app provides us more details about the Galaxy Buds Live as well.
We can see there a screen with instructions on how to put them in your ear, a Bluetooth connection tutorial, equalizer options, touch control settings, and a “Find My Earbuds” tool.
The equalizer can be tuned to “normal, bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear,” or “treble boost.” Touch controls allow you to block touches. You can also customize the touch and hold gesture.

Featured image credits: h0x0d

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