Samsung Galaxy A72 – midrange smartphone with flagship camera

There are rumors saying that Samsung is planning to introduce Galaxy A72, a successor to the Galaxy A71, a device that will support OIS. This will not happen in 2020, although.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung A71 was a good mid-range smartphone and we are sure that the new Samsung Galaxy A72, planned to be launched in 2021 should follow the same success path.

On the A71 Samsung added quad cameras that looked good on paper. It has a 64MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide and 5MP depth, and 5MP macro cameras. In tests, however, while the camera setup was good in daylight, it had issues in low-light environments.

A new report from South Korea media informs that Samsung has big plans to improve the camera performance of the Galaxy A series. The new Galaxy A72 will feature optical image stabilizations (OIS). Thanks to OIS the noise will be reduced. You could also be able to take easier photos due to the compensation of OIS.

The older Galaxy A5 (2016 model) had OIS. Samsung decided later to drop the functionality starting with the 2017 model, probably due to financial considerations.

Tight competition: Apple vs Samsung

Samsung will bring the OIS function to its Galaxy A series, thus the Galaxy A72, starting with 2021, so the Galaxy A82 and Galaxy A92 should be in line to receive the same camera hardware. It is good to see that Samsung is learning from past mistakes.

Seems that the new iPhone SE has pushed Samsung towards improving its mid-range smartphones with OIS. We cannot verify the integrity of this claim, but the iPhone SE 2020 does offer excellent camera performance for a mid-range device at such a low price.

The competition is pretty tight, not only Apple with the new iPhone SE 2 but also with the Google launching the new Google Pixel 3a. Also, OnePlus just launched its latest mid-range smartphone, the new OnePlus Nord, at a very affordable price.

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