OnePlus 8 Pro Camera can see under clothes or plastic?

There is a Photocrom filter on the new OnePlus 8 Pro camera that uses the infrared sensors to see through some thin black plastics and even black fabrics.

Unbox Therapy on Youtube

If you own an OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone you can test yourself as explained above by the Unbox Therapy. Simply open the Camera app and scroll through the different color filters available. You’ll find the filter furthest to the right. Called “Photocrom”, select it, and point the camera to a black plastic object.

For best results, you should try this on very thin black plastic objects. Try on remote controllers, an Apple TV device, etc. It works even on a thin black T-shirt.

OnePlus 8 Pro X-ray vision?

Well, not exactly but something similar.

But how does it really works? We’ve tried to contact OnePlus to see what they know about it, but the company declined to comment.
However, it seems the process relies on the phone’s infrared sensors. These sensors collect a type of radiation that’s invisible to the human eye.

Special types of equipment can capture infrared radiation. This includes night-vision goggles and thermal cameras. Using this type of equipment allows you to see “through” certain materials, as infrared passes through them in a way visible light (which is all our eyes recognize) can’t. For example, Firefighters, use infrared specialised cameras to see through the smoke into burning buildings.

Infrared sits right below visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum and is sometimes referred to as “heat radiation”. The world is saturated in infrared, but because we don’t see it, we don’t usually think about it. It is well-known that about half of the energy that arrives on the Earth from the Sun arrives as infrared.

Apple TrueDepth

OnePlus 8 Pro isn’t the only device that allows that, the TrueDepth camera on the latest iPhones, that use the infrared light to scan your face for FaceID can also be used to create see-through images. You cannot do this by default, you should jailbreak your iPhone to do this. However we do not recommend you to jailbreak your iPhone as you may lose the warranty.


We believe that depending on the severity of the problem, OnePlus might have to restrict the feature using a software update. Or they might be forced to restrict.

There was a similar privacy issue in the 1990s when Sony was forced to recall a camcorder (they sold 700.000 units) due to privacy concerns. That camcorder that included a night vision feature, could be used to see through clothing.

The see-through power in Sony’s camcorder was discovered by Greg Hunter, who was the Customer Correspondent at Good Morning America back in 1998. Hunter demonstrated at that time how the camcorder was able enough to peep inside the clothes of two volunteer models. A man who had a tattoo “Sosa” under his shirt and woman who was wearing nothing under her black patterned skirt.

As soon as Sony realized what havoc it had caused, the devices were immediately recalled.

Featured image credits: Ben Geskin on Youtube

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