iPhone battery draining very quickly with iOS 13.5.1!

Many people reported that after updating to the latest iOS 13.5.1, their iPhone is getting very hot and the battery is draining pretty quickly. A debugging suggests that the Apple Music app is causing iPhone battery drain, but could be something more happening in the background?

If you have to carry a charger with you due having the battery down by 50 percents in 24 hours with minimal use, this is not normal. Many iPhone owners reported this in the last week, mainly after updating to the latest iOS.

Apple Music battery drain

Many users started posting on the Apple community forum, on Reddit, blaming the Apple Music app.

Image credits: mr_woodpecker @ Apple forum

This could happen even if you don’t use Apple Music. It is doing something in the background that simply drains the battery. There were users that never opened the Apple Music app, however, it was running in the background, draining the battery.

Somehow it seems that Apple Music is unable to download local copies of music tracks, probably due some permissions issue on the server. This cause an infinite loop, burning the battery.

A temporary solution to avoid the iPhone battery drain

Some users made a radical solution by removing the culprit app, the Apple Music app. This fixed stopped the background usage and the battery draining. However, if you have an Apple Music subscription and you use this app, the removal is not actually a solution. You should try instead the following steps:

  • Remove Music app and reinstall it;
  • Turn off automatic downloads for Apple Music (Settings -> Music -> Automatic downloads);
  • Disable background app refresh (Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Disable Music);

The steps explained above are partial fixing, sometimes the battery drain still remains.

The solution comes from Apple who must come with an update fixing the issue as soon as possible. There are not any reports regarding similar issues on MacBook Pro devices.

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Featured image credits: apple.com

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