iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 2020

Apple launched its cheapest smartphone, the new iPhone SE 2020 version. The iPhone SE 2 is around $300 cheaper than the baseline model iPhone 11.

Read next to see which one suits better for you, if it worth spending $300 more or you may go for iPhone SE 2.

Apple launched the new iPhone SE 2020 version targeting users that may not be able to spend over $1000 devices like iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Although being cheaper Apple had to cut in hardware, the SE 2020 features a 4.7 inches display and a single rear camera, it includes the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11 series. Read more for a comprehensive comparison iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2020 – budget iPhone

With a 4 year gap between older generation iPhone SE and the new iPhone SE 2020, Apple came with many improvements. The new iPhone SE features wireless charging, upgraded camera setup, and water resistance. It lacks the headphone Jack, however.

If you want to buy a new generation iPhone but in the same time you want to save as much money as possible, the iPhone SE 2020 should be your choice. You can save up to $300 if you go with iPhone SE instead of iPhone 11 basic model.

iPhone 11 – better camera, bigger screen

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 costs $300 more than the iPhone SE 2020 although having similar internal features. It has a better screen, a larger display (6.1 inches vs 4.7 inches). The iPhone 11 has a better camera setup. If you need a bigger screen and a better camera you should choose the iPhone 11 instead of the iPhone SE 2020.

Design comparison between iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone 11 features a 6.1 inches screen while the iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 4.7 inches display size. While being better, the iPhone 11 as it has a larger screen, the iPhone SE 2020 is more comfortable being compact.

Both iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 have LCD displays. The SE version has a Retina HD display while the iPhone 11 has a better “Liquid Retina HD display.”

The iPhone 11 screen is sharper even they both have the same pixel density.

As Apple is discontinuing the iPhone 8, the new iPhone SE 2020 will be the only iPhone that will feature the Touch ID home button. The home button has the device’s fingerprint reader for unlocking the phone and authorizing digital payments (named Touch ID). The iPhone 11, however, uses facial mapping sensors on the front-facing camera for biometric security (Face ID).

The devices are both IP certified for water protection. The iPhone 11 is rated IP68, compared to the iPhone SE’s IP67 rating. That means that the iPhone 11 is more durable against submersion (as in, it’s certified to resist deeper or longer immersion in water). On paper, an IP67 level of certification means the iPhone SE can survive in up to a meter of water for about 30 minutes.

The iPhone SE 2020 comes in black, white, and red colors. The iPhone 11 comes in those three colors, too, but if you want more options, you can also get it in pastel yellow, green, and purple.  

CAMERA – iPhone 11 is the winner

If you’re not a camera power user, the iPhone SE 2020 single 12MP rear camera should be enough for posting images on social media and for casual video recording. But if you care about photography or want more tools at your hand, the iPhone 11 has a much better camera setup than the iPhone SE.

The iPhone 11 comes with a secondary wide-angle camera. That means you can take full landscape photos, more dramatic pictures at close distances. The iPhone 11 also has Apple’s low-light camera mode, Night Mode. This Night Mode reduces things like digital artifacts, graininess, and motion blur to capture and brighten up images taken in low lighting environments.

As for the selfie camera, the iPhone 11 doesn’t just have a better selfie camera because it has more megapixels (12 megapixels compared to the iPhone SE 2020 camera 7 megapixels). It can capture 4K videos (compared to the iPhone SE 2020 which is capable to record 1080p video). The iPhone 11 camera can record slow-motion video, too.

Battery and CPU

Both devices have the Apple A13 Bionic CPU. Being a budget phone, Apple could have outfitted the iPhone SE with an older CPU, however both devices are equipped with the same processor.

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