Samsung Galaxy S20 – how to change to 120Hz refresh rate

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus black with Samsung Galaxy S20 different colors

The flagship from Samsung (all versions, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra) come by default with a 60Hz display refresh rate but you can enhance to a smoother and better experience by changing to 120Hz display refresh rate. If you are a mobile gamer by changing to 120Hz means … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20 – how to show battery percentage

By default, straight from the box you will not see the battery percentage on your Samsung Galaxy S20 device therefore you will have to follow the next steps to activate it. Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a pretty good capacity of 4,000 mAh, compared with Samsung Galaxy S10 which had only 3,400 mAh but smaller … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S20 – how to activate Dark Mode

You will find step by step how to activate Dark Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S20. Certainly, Dark Mode is a great way to save battery life, it looks cool on your device, and above all, by activating could protect your eyes. Here you can find all steps needed to turn on Dark Mode on … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S20 – how to disable Bixby and remove it from the Power button

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you don’t use Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy S20, fortunately Samsung allows you to turn it off. By default if you long-press the Power button you will open Bixby virtual assistant but you can disable it by remapping the Power button. How to remap Galaxy S20 Power button long-press to access the Power off … Read more

How to turn off or restart Samsung Galaxy S20 and configure auto restart

S20 Power menu, how to restart and shut down

If you tried to access the power menu by long-pressing the power key you are not the only one. Samsung decided that long pressing power key can have multiple functions, by default it will open Bixby but you can remove that, to see how to disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S20 check here.The easiest way … Read more