How to AirDrop photos, videos, and documents on iPhone, iPad, Mac

iPhone AirDrop

If you want to share a photo, video, document to another Apple device, works for iPhone, iPad or Mac, using AirDrop never been easier while the devices are nearby. How to turn on AirDrop on your iPhone Go to Control Center by swiping up from the bottom on your iPhone. For iPhone X or newer … Read more

iPhone SE 2020 – the new Apple iPhone SE 2 has been launched

iPhone SE 2020 SE2

iPhone SE 2020 is the latest smartphone launched by Apple and the most affordable iPhone since the 2016 model iPhone SE. Apple has announced on the official website and it will be available for preorders beginning Friday, April 17 2020 starting at $399 (US). We already anticipated the review of the iPhone SE2 release date … Read more

How to use Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone

If you want to locate your iPhone you must activate Find my iPhone function. Using this function you can track your lost device. You may retrieve the iPhone location to receive GPS coordinates of the last known location. With the coordinates you can get directions using the Maps app. Step by step guide to activating … Read more

iPhone 8 review – not new but affordable

iPhone 8 black - review iPhone 8

Launched in 2017, iPhone 8 comes with a better camera, wireless charging, improved design, as an upgrade to the popular iPhone 7.Being already an older device, the prices are down you can find the iPhone 8 at good prices, being cheaper than its successor, iPhone XR. If you are wondering if iPhone 8 worth buying, … Read more

How to enable screen recording on iPhone or iPad

iPhone Screen Recording

Learn how to add screen recording on your iPhone and follow the step by step guide in this article. Starting with iOS 11 Apple introduces the possibility to record the screen on your iPhone. This creates a video of what is happening on your screen, without having to install other apps. Want to take a … Read more

iPhone 11 how to take screenshots (iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max)

Starting with iPhone XR, as the physical button was removed you cannot use the previous shortcut which allowed you to take a screenshot by pressing Home Button and Side Button in earlier versions of iPhone so you have to follow next steps to make screenshots with iPhone 11: Press the Side button (Power button) and … Read more

How to remove photos and videos locations before sharing on iPhone

The photos or videos you take using your iPhone contain the location where you took it and other pieces of information you may not want to disclosure. This information lets you organize better your media but transferring location or other sensitive data may put you at risk revealing where you live or where you work. … Read more