Apple iPad Air 2020 great performances at a lower price

We expect to see a new iPad Air with 10.8 inches display, launched this year. Sources reported that Apple’s supply chain partners will start shipping the required components in the Q3 2020.

Technical details and price for the new iPad Air 2020

Taiwan Company Radiant Opto-Electronics will supply the backlit units (BLUs) for the upcoming slate. The display orders will be split between three companies, LG Display, BOE Technology, and Sharp.

It is expected that the new iPad Air might get Face ID or an under-display Touch ID and it might also make the transition to a USB-C port from the Lightning port. We are sure that the new model will be compatible with the Magic Keyboard for increased productivity. Apple will start with a 64GB base model. This was the storage you got with the iPad Pro 2018 version.

iPad Air 4 CPU

We expect that the new iPad Air will have the A13 Bionic CPU, the same chip used for the iPhone SE 2020, adopting its strategy regarding price tag and performances. The predecessor uses the A12 chipset while the older iPad 10.2 inches use the A10 chipset.

iPad Air 2020 Display

The new iPad Air features the same multi-touch laminated display as the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. It will have a 2224×1668 resolution at 264 PPI (pixels per inch). However, it does not feature the ProMotion technology. The ProMotion technology is a feature that Apple added only to the Pro line.
The iPad Air does offer 500 nits brightness and 1.8 percent reflectivity thanks to an anti-reflective coating.

There will be the same fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating used on all iPads, to protect it from fingerprints.

iPad Air 2020 Prices

The current iPad Air price is starting at $499. Our sources informed us that the new iPad Air 2020 could cost less than its predecessor. Apple Adopted the same strategy with the iPhone SE2 launch this year.

Credible sources confirmed that the new iPad Air 2020 might be announced in September 2020. We cannot confirm 100% however this information.

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